Colombian / American artist Jamie Martinez immigrated to Florida at the age of twelve from South America. He attended The Miami International University of Art and Design then moved to New York to continue his art education at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Jamie’s work has been featured in multiple important outlets like a half-hour personal TV interview with NTN24 (Nuestra Tele Noticias, a major Spanish TV channel) for their show Lideres (translation leaders), Hyperallergic, Yale University radio WYBCX (radio interview), Whitehot Magazine, Good Day New York (TV interview),  Fox News (TV interview), The Observer, Whitewall Magazine, Interview Magazine, CNN, New York Magazine, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Bedford + Bowery, and many more. Martinez has shown in Berlin, Brussels, Spain, Russia, Canada, Miami, California, and numerous galleries in New York City including The Queens Museum, Petzel Gallery, Galerie Richard, Whitebox NY, The Gabarron Foundation, Flowers Gallery, Elga Wimmer PCC, Foley Gallery, Rush Gallery and many more. 

He is the publisher of Arte Fuse, which is a contemporary art platform focused on art shows that are currently on display, interviews, and studio visits with today’s top artists from NY and all over the world. He is also the founder and director of The Border Project Space, which was recently featured in Hyperallergic’s top 15 shows of 2018.


I am intrigued by the mixture of history, research, Indigenous spirituality, and ancient beliefs to create an interruption in the Colonial environment we are living in.

My current series “Mercado” comments on the current exploitation of Central and South American land and the workers abused by large companies for profit and wealth. These companies overuse the land by making more than needed products to export while underpaying the workers harvesting the produce so they can achieve their final objective of making more money for the executives of these companies.

In the series before that, I utilized art as a vehicle to protect my soul as I transition into the underworld. I have always been obsessed with the preparation and training required for my soul to enter the underworld leading to the afterlife and the path that my artwork will create to guide me into this unknown experience. This series ended when I had a massive fire in my apartment in NYC which destroyed everything and almost took my life. I am happy to be here and apparently, these spells protected me as darkness came for me for the second time in my life.


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