Jamie Martinez

Born in Colombia and lives in New York City with a studio in Dumbo, BK.


2001 – 2003 Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC (painting and new media continuing courses)
1997 – 2000 Miami International Fine Arts College, FL (BFA)


July 11 – August 9, 2015 “An Inclusive World” curated by Vida Sabbaghi at The Queens Museum, NY (click to see the video of the show)
Dec 14th – Jan 2, 2013 “The Americans in Russia” curated by Berik Kulmamirov, The Marina Tsvetaeva Museum Moscow, Russia


March 26th – April 23, 2015 “Hunting for Inspiration” curated by Oscar Laluyan at Gallery Protégé, NYC.
October 4 – Nov 30, 2011“I’m Having Trouble Cutting this Ballerina” Pop Up Gallery for Art Basel week, Miami, FL
Sept 30 – Oct 15, 2011 “I’m Having Trouble Cutting this Ballerina” Orchard Windows Gallery, NYC.
March 14 – March 21, 2011 “Guilt” Orchard Windows Gallery, NYC.
December 6 – 13, 2008 “Gone Away” A Gathering of The Tribes Gallery, NYC.


Sept 7 – 12, 2022 “Spring Break Art Show” booth curated by Bianca Abdi-Boragi, NYC
Sept 7 – Oct 16, 2022″ Vector” curated by Bianca Abdi-Boragi at Heaven Gallery, Chicago
Nov 13 – Nov 28, 2021 “Uniforms for the End of Time” curated by Nicholas Cueva at Chashama Union Square, NYC
Sept 8 – Sept 13, 2021 “Spring Break Art Show” booth curated by Taylor Hansen Hughes, NYC
May 14 – June 12, 2022 ” In The Wake of Slumber” curated by Natalia Nakazawa at Paradise Palace, NYC
Feb 20 – March 14, 2021 “Last Wash at Midnight — Advertisement” at Home Gallery, NYC
Feb 12 – March 20, 2021 “Last Wash at Midnight” at The Border Project Space, NY
Oct 9 – Dec 12, 2020 ” Americans Looking In” Curated by Sherri Littlefield and Emilie Ahern at the Center for Book Arts, NYC
Oct 12 – Nov 12, 2020 “FOGO” Curated by Carla Maldonado and Efrem Zelony-Mindell at SOMad, NYC
Oct 19 – Nov 10, 2019 “Inversions” Curated by Melinda Wang at MW Projects, NY.
May 30 – June 25, 2019 “Divide and Multiply” Curated by Tansy Xiao at W.W. Gallery, NYC.
Feb 7 – April 13, 2019 “Speculative Cultures” curated by Tina Sauerlaender, Peggy Schoenegge and Erandy Vergara at Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Gallery in Parson’s School, NYC. 
Dec 26 – Jan 26, 2019 “Cosi Via” curated by Paul D’Agostino at Centotto, NY.
Oct 26 – Nov 17, 2018 “Color Matters” curated by Jean-Luc Richard at Galerie Richard, NYC. 
Sept 7 – Nov 11th, 2018 “Liminality” The Border Project Space, NYC. 
June 23 – July 23, 218 “New York meets Berlin” curated by Vida Sabbaghi, Carla Goldberg, Anna Franek and Romy at Galerie Ana 25 in Berlin, Germany. 
May 3rd – May 26th, 2018 “Triangle Dialogues” Chashama 425 Madison, NYC. 
April 26 – May 17th, 2018 “Intricate Neighbors” at Galerie Protege in NYC. 
April 11 – June 15th “In Bloom” curated by DK Johnston and Lori Zimmer at The Quin Hotel in NYC. 
March 3rd – April 16th, 2018 “The Border #1” Inaugural exhibit at The Border project space in Brooklyn, NY. 
Jan 16 – Feb 4, 2018 “One Year Resistance” curated by Indira Cesarine at Untitled Space Gallery, NYC.
Nov 16th – Jan 18th, 2017, All In curated by Lynzy Blair at South Street Gallery in BK, NY.
Dec 10 – Dec 28th, 2016″Yellow Chair Holiday Extravaganza” at David & Schweitzer Contemporary.
Oct 12 – Nov 7, 2017 “It Takes a Village” curated by Jaclyn Acker at Gallery Protégé, NYC.
Sept 22 – 24 “Trancendence of Us” curated by Tim Gowan and Meer Musa at BPF during Bushwick Open Studios. 
Aug 16 – Aug 26th “Analog vs Digital” at Foley Gallery, NYC
May 2 – May 26, 2017  “She Inspires” at Untitled Gallery curated by Indira Cesare 
February 23 – March 25th, 2017  “Manual Digital” at Space 151 Gallery curated by Beth Waldman. 
Jan 7 – Feb 11, 2017 “We need to talk… Artists and the public respond to the present conditions in America” At Petzel Gallery in Chelsea.
Feb 28 – March 6, 2017 “New York Art Week” at Caelum Gallery curated by Drorit Gur Arie, Holly Hoger and John Seed.
Oct – 27 to Nov 21, 2016  “Bombay Sapphire contest” at Rush Gallery, NYC 

Feb 1 – Feb 21, 2016 “#makeamericagreatagain” curated by Raul Zamudio and Juan Puntes/ Co-curated by Blanca de la Torre at Whitebox Art Space, NYC 
Dec 3 – Jan 27, 2016 “Extra! Extra! See all about it!” Installation at The Port Authority in NYC curated by Vida Sabbaghi 
Dec 19 – Jan 2, 2016 “Small is Beautiful” Flowers Gallery, NYC 
Aug 5 – Aug 12, 2015 “Trophy Art” curated by Melissa McCaig Welles and Rodrigo Valles at Azart Gallery, NY, NY 
May 12- June 15, 2015 “60 Americans” curated by Noah Becker, Terrence Sanders, Elma Wilmer PCC Gallery, NYC 
May 31 – May 17, 2015 “East/West a bi-coastal dialogue” curated by Mateo Mize, Zener Schon contemporary art, CA 
Jan 15- Feb 10, 2015 “Emerging Artists” Coohaus Gallery New York, New York 
Dec 1 – Dec 8, 2015 “Festina Lente” Curated by Laura Cartagena at Create Collect Gallery for Art Basel week, Miami, FL
March 11 – March 29th, 2014 “Δ” a three man show at Con Artist Gallery NY, NY 
Sep 12th – 18th,  2013 “Diesel reboot” Large installation with Diesel (Re-Launch of the brand) in Union Square, NY, NY
Sep 8 – Sep 20th, 2013 “The New Ones” Con Artist Gallery, NY, NY
Dec 3rd – Dec 12th, 2012 “The Ladies” Pop Up Gallery for Art Basel week, Miami, FL
Sept 14th – Nov 12th, 2012 “Two Hemispheres” Juried competition, The Gabarron Foundation Gallery NY, NY
July 19th – Aug 11th, 2012 “Backlash” Soho20 Gallery NY, NY
April 2 – April 16, 2012 “It’s a Small World” curated by Hennessy Youngman, The Family Business Gallery NY, NY
Feb 25 – March 5, 2012 “Entourage” curated by Jamie Martinez NY, NY
Dec 26 – Jan 6, 2012 “Massive Group Show”Orchard Windows Gallery, NY, NY
Dec 20 – Jan 31, 2012 “Curate NYC” Online show curated by Erick Shiner director of the Andy Warhol Museum
Oct 26, 2011 “Conception” Pop up Gallery in Tribeca NYC
August 1 – 10, 2011“Massive Group Show” Orchard Windows Gallery, NY, NY
June 17 – 27, 2011“Art Bash” Artist Revolution Studios, NY, NY
Dec 7 – 11, 2010“NAAS” Ceres Gallery, NY, NY
Dec 8, 2010 “Toast To the Season” The Mediterranean Mansion, Miami Beach, FL
Nov 11 and 12, 2010 “The Contrast Art Show” 320 studios, NY, NY
Oct 3 – 31, 2009 “Never Think Small” Climate Gallery, Long Island City, NY
Sept 17 – Oct 17, 2009 “Hispanic Heritage” National Immigration Gallery, NY, NY
February 19 – March 21, 2009 “Emerging Artists” Art Raw Gallery, NY, NY


The Marina Tsvetaeva Museum Moscow, Russia
The Gabarron’s Foundation collection in New York and Spain.
Foursquare headquarters, New York City.
Additional various private collections.


Jamie’s work has been featured in multiple important outlets like a half-hour personal TV interview with NTN24 (Nuestra Tele Noticias, a major Spanish TV channel) for their show Lideres (translation leaders), Hyperallergic, Yale University radio WYBCX (radio interview), Whitehot Magazine, Good Day New York (TV interview),  Fox news (TV interview), The Observer, Whitewall Magazine, Interview Magazine, CNN, New York Magazine, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, Bedford + Bowery, and many more. Martinez has shown in Berlin, Brussels, Spain, Russia, Canada, Miami, California and numerous galleries in New York City including Petzel Gallery, Galerie Richard, Whitebox NY, The Gabarron Foundation, Flowers Gallery, Elga Wimmer PCC, Foley Gallery, Rush Gallery and many more. He also participated in a group show curated by Vida Sabbaghi at the Queens Museum which was very well received by the museum and the press. 

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